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Why are we growing luffas?

We have the land, the water and the sunshine but wanted to grow something that we loved, could use, benefit the earth & also help the many abandoned dogs that roam this beautiful country. Within a year of living here, we had already accumulated 13 dogs, 4 horses and a toothless donkey called Al Pacino, that was 18 years ago & sadly the problem hasn't improved. Now folk will simply bring dogs to our gate or in some cases, throw them over the fence. We want to be able to look after these increasing numbers as well as helping the environment and maybe even finding a new family for these poor souls.

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More Info

I'm british and lived and worked for the bbc in london before moving to new mexico then eventually settling here in spain. 2 years working on the fabulous programme one man and his dog,  sealed my fate, as i am now living with an ex andalusian shepherd surrounded by dogs (the sheep have been replaced by luffas) my partner francisco (paco) and our 3 children isabel, lulu & sam are living just outside of the village  algodonales, perched in the foothills of the sierra de lijar mountain range & on the edge of grazalema natural park in cadiz, andalucia spain. The village has an abundance of sweet water springs. One of the reasons we bought our home is because of it's many water sources including our own spring. It allows us to not only grow luffas but also a huge range of organic veg, numerous fruit trees, our olive grove and we also have the sprinklers on in the heat of the summer to help cool our resident dogs down
We also share our home & 6 acres with our 4 horses, around 40 dogs and our brave white rabbit


Why buy our luffas?

If you love your body & love the earth, then it's time you met the famous cucumbers' cousin!
They are great exfoliators a well as relaxing your muscles & increasing circulation, leaving your skin healthy & glowing.
They are vegan & 100% biodegradable & cruelty free. They are grown on a vine & not yanked from the sea.
We grow our luffas using mountain water & when picked, they are soaked for 24 hours in our spring water before hanging to dry in the Andalusian sun
Folk have used them for thousands of years not only to clean our bodies but for medicinal purposes,  insulation, engine filters, mattresses, bath mats, shoes, hat padding, pan scrubbing & more. The incredible luffas are also used to remove oil spills from the mediterranean sea water. Also, I think the large luffas are the best back scratchers ever.
At home we use them in the shower, the kitchen to clean dishes instead of plastic sponges. We clean work surfaces, stains on walls, our shoes, clean our cars and if you own a cat, well they will just steal the lot as it's one of their favourite toys!
You can simply bury your luffa when it's life is up, it will only take 1 month to break down as apposed to it's plastic equivalent sponge, up to 1,000 years >:(
One more thing... bees absolutely adore the magnificent yellow luffa flower. The male flowers are rich in pollen & the female flower provide nectar. In the afternoons the vines are buzzing with bumble bees, carpenter bees, honey bees & other welcome pollinators.


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